1. id-Force® | AP
  2. Features

Made-to-measure idea management!

The IT solutions that support your specific processes should be just as special as your company or institution. IBYKUS AG offers tailor-made solution's for all who value a customized idea management. What sets us apart is a fully developed project method and highly competent software development.

On the basis of the market-tested IBYKUS AP/® development framework, we develop idea management software according to your specific concepts. It consists of configurable IBYKUS-AP product components and your specific in-house processes.

We bring your individual aspects to fruition in the system by configuring the individual components – fast and flexibly. This means that you can easily and economically modify and expand your solution to meet new demands and situations.

id-Force® | AP stands for:

Impressive basic functionality

  • Support of the entire idea management process
  • Mapping of centralized and decentralized idea management (CIP, Quality Circle, teams)
  • Processing of ideas from both individual submitters and from groups
  • Generation of reports and informative key figures
  • Notification by e-mail
  • Document management
  • History tracking of all data records


  • Up-to-date information for everyone involved via a central idea portal
  • Workflow can be followed via status tracking and implementation controlling
  • Idea searches through the idea portal to stimulate new ideas and aid implementation in one's own area of responsibility
  • Standardized evaluations and awards


  • Simple evaluation and bonus procedures to facilitate quick decision-making
  • Better channels of communication via the Intranet: Access to and handling of e-mail correspondence
  • Acceleration of your processes through automatic status monitoring and a reminder system


  • Integration of everyone involved in idea management (submitters, superiors, assessors, committee members, controllers, implementers and commission members)
  • An idea database to facilitate cross-location use and processing
  • ASP operation

Best connection

  • Client/server application
  • Web-based
  • Connection to your personnel system via interfaces to human resources systems
  • Links to external business intelligence tools
  • Interfaces to ERP systems