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We work within a wide-ranging network consisting of specialists and consultants in the fields of idea and innovation management, creative techniques, marketing and employee motivation. Our partners will be pleased to advise you about id-Force®, and they also offer services related to idea management.

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What our partners say about id-Force®


I have been professionally involved with idea management since 1995. I have also been advising customers independently since 2002, and this has made me aware of the need for software support in this field.

I came across id-Force® while searching in the Internet. The good references and the fact that one could try out the software with id-Force® | Free without charge won me over. In my opinion, the range of functions offered by the full version 2.0 has everything a company needs to run software-supported idea management.

There are two simple reasons why my customers are interested in this product: the software is both very usable and good value for money. The service is also of good professional standard, with a telephone hotline and a range of maintenance packages. I have been a sales and distribution partner for id-Force® since 2008.

What I like most about my working relationship with IBYKUS is the prompt service I get from their partner service contacts. In view of the growing importance of idea management, particularly in these currently turbulent economic times, I am sure that our partnership will become even more successful in future."

Günter Markowitz
Owner Company Angels


As a provider of software solutions for customer management, we are extremely interested in how to gain new customers with new ideas. We have been seeking access to professional idea management since 2000 under the slogan "Ideas Make Customers". Since 2008, we have also been pushing the integrated development of sustainable, innovative company structures with our GENIUS-Method®. And that also includes the introduction of professional idea management.

The id-Force® idea management software first attracted our attention at the 2007 Annual Conference of the Deutsche Institut für Betriebswirtschaft (German Institute of Business Administration). As we had already had a business relationship with IBYKUS AG since 1990, and we had worked well together throughout these many years, we took a closer look at id-Force®. It quickly became clear that the software was based on well-founded, expert knowledge. Our nearness to the producer and their transparent partnership concept also contributed to our decision to choose id-Force®. We have been an id-Force®-Partner partner since the summer of 2008. We have already gained a prestigious reference customer in Pfalzwerke AG, the energy provider.

I can see the following advantages for companies that use this idea management software: id-Force® can be used intuitively, the web-browser oriented programming makes it up-to-date, and it also offers a very good price/performance ratio. In my opinion, the software meets all the significant requirements of professional idea management.

The support provided by IBYKUS gives you everything you could wish for. That is a good basis from which to jointly strengthen the id-Force® brand name and further develop our partnership."

Gerald Wucholt
Owner Genius Agentur

Partnering for Success!

id-Force® has already convinced many well-known customers.

Business Partner

You have many and various business contacts in the business-to-business field, and are aware of the future potential of idea management, employee suggestion schemes and the continuous improvement process (CIP). You find it easy to explain to your existing and prospective customers the advantages of using a software application in these fields. As an id-Force® Business Partner, you will make the initial contact with potential customers and recommend id-Force®. IBYKUS AG's own consultants will then hold the more detailed consultations with the prospective customers. With joint marketing activities, we raise the level of customer awareness of id-Force®.

If we have aroused your interest, please contact us today. Our partner managers will be pleased to discuss further details with you.

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