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id-Force® from IBYKUS is the modern standard software for successful idea management. The application supports the entire idea management process – from the submission of an idea through to its implementation – and its defined sequence structure simplifies process-optimized work. All conventional idea management models can be mapped in id-Force® by appropriate configuration of the processing sequence.

  1. General facts
  2. Features
  3. Advantages
  4. System requirements
  5. Modules

id-Force® is the ideal solution for industrial, trading and service companies of all sizes as well as for institutions in the public sector that would like to give new impetus to their company suggestion scheme or continuous improvement process.

id-Force® has an attractive price/performance ratio. It is based on field-tested technologies, and can be easily integrated into your existing software environment. You can also easily adapt or expand the solution when your requirements change. Our product modules and customizing services make it all possible!

Why have idea management?

  • Saving money
  • Continual improvement of work processes and products
  • To motivate employees by giving them more personal responsibility
  • To activate dormant performance capabilities
  • To stimulate employees' creativity
  • To increase the potential for generating ideas and innovations
  • Creating a positive working atmosphere

High performance leads to success in idea management.


A Processing Sequence that is More Transparent and Easier to Understand

Submitters of ideas to id-Force® can follow the processing status of their ideas at all times. That creates greater transparency and higher acceptance of idea management. The idea manager always has a complete overview of all the ideas submitted to the system.


Intuitive Operability & Fail-Safe User Guidance

Each user can only see those fields, buttons and functions that are relevant to him or her in his or her particular role. That structures the navigation clearly, and makes the application easy to use and understand. The defined idea processing workflow guides users quickly and securely through the application.


Visually Attractive and Customizable Design

The id-Force® user interface is clearly and attractively designed. You can adapt the appearance of the application to your company's own style, not by only uploading your company logo but also by choosing from a range of pre-installed color schemes.


Access is Independent of Platforms and Operating Systems

id-Force® is a web-based application, that is installed once on the company server. That eliminates time-consuming installations on your employees' PCs. All users involved with idea processing access the application through the intranet from their browsers.


Configurable Workflow

The workflow for processing ideas is stored in a database. This makes it easy to configure and adapt to a company's own workflow.


Role Configuration

The integrated role configurator enables user roles to be created specifically to harmonize with the in-house organization. id-Force® contains the standard roles of normal user, idea manager, technical administrator and works council member.


Support for Centralized and Decentralized Models, as well as Hybrid Forms

id-Force® erlaubt eine zentrale Ideenbearbeitung durch den Ideenmanager und unterstützt aufgrund der hinterlegbaren Organisationsstruktur auch das Vorgesetztenmodell. Auch Hybridmodelle können mit der Anwendung abgebildet werden.


Configurable, Editable E-mail Dispatch

E-mails relevant to the processing of ideas and assessments can be sent automatically to the people involved. For example, submitters, idea managers and decision-makers are informed immediately when the processing status of an idea changes. The idea manager can configure the dispatch of e-mails, edit their content, and specify when and to whom messages are sent.


Integrated Online Help

Every screen view in id-Force® has a Help window, which gives tips about the on-screen subject matter. The idea manager can edit the Online Help.


Modular Extendibility

The range of functions available in id-Force® can be extended as and when needed by adding modules. A range of standard modules are available for this purpose. Customizing services can be ordered to realize further reaching specific requests.

more Features

  • Multilingual capability Open or Close
    The standard application is supplied in the German and English languages. Additional language packages are available to enable not only the user interface texts but also the documents and e-mails generated by the application to be output in the desired language.
  • The Personnel Master Data Can be Stored Open or Close
    Idea managers can load the personnel master data of their organizations into id-Force®. A table containing personnel data is simply read in. This eliminates the task of entering individual user profiles manually, so enabling employees to register and work with the application without any difficulty.
  • Adaptation to In-House Guidelines Open or Close
    Idea managers can make specific settings within the scope of the IDM setup to adapt id-Force® to a works agreement and other company-specific idea management guidelines. These include, for example, the choice of bonus calculation, the definition of time limits, and the updating of the prize catalog.
  • Saving an idea as a draft Open or Close
    Submitters can save their ideas in id-Force® as drafts, which they can work on again at a later time or delete.
  • Submission of Group Ideas Open or Close
    Ideas produced by a group can be submitted to id-Force®. The main submitter of an idea can define any number of co-submitters, and also the extent to which each has been involved in working out the idea.
  • Recording other people's ideas Open or Close
    Idea managers and defined users can record ideas for other employees. This enables ideas to be input on behalf of employees who do not have PC access or have submitted their ideas on paper.
  • Setting and Monitoring Time Limits Open or Close
    id-Force offers the option of setting time limits for submitting appeals, processing assessments, and evaluating and implementing ideas. The deadlines for measures specified in workshops can also be monitored. The application itself monitors the time limits.
  • Key figures for idea management Open or Close
    The standard id-Force® package contains a statistical function, which uses a large number of key figures for evaluating the performance of the idea management.
  • Awards Open or Close
    A range of different bonus scales can be stored in id-Force®. Bonuses can also be awarded to assessors and submitters as standard. Assessors can also have the bonuses they suggest for submitted ideas calculated on the basis of various parameters.
  • Bonus Account Open or Close
    Bonuses, points and prizes can be automatically booked to the idea submitter's account. This enables employees to see the status of their current account at all times and, if applicable, order prizes from the company's own prize catalog. The idea manager can generate posting lists as Excel or PDF documents and, for example, pass them on to the payroll department for payment.
  • Teamwork within the Framework of Idea Management Open or Close
    id-Force® supports organized teamwork and workshop work within the framework of idea management. Idea managers can create various types of teams, for example CIP teams and evaluation committees.
  • Arranging Committee Meetings Open or Close
    Idea managers can arrange committee meetings in id-Force®. The persons invited can view the agenda and the ideas to be discussed, and also see which other users will be attending the meeting. That allows them to prepare optimally for the committee meeting.
  • Quick and Detailed Searches Open or Close
    Every user has a full text search available. This enables, for example, submitters to check quickly whether their ideas or similar ones have already been submitted. The idea manager can also use the detailed search, save the results, and search for ideas, assessments, meetings and postings. The result lists can be exported in an Excel file for further evaluation.
  • Input of Information and News Texts Open or Close
    Idea managers can create news items in id-Force® that will appear on the home page of the application for a period of time that they define. This enables users to be actively informed of innovations and advances in the idea management.
  • Document Management Open or Close
    Idea managers can publish documents, such as company agreements, evaluation forms and manuals. Submitters and assessors can themselves add electronic files as attachments to their entries to support their ideas and assessments.
  • Deputizing Rules Open or Close
    Idea management tasks that arise when a user is absent, for example on vacation or ill, can be delegated to a deputy.
  • Open Interface Open or Close
    The underlying open and modular architecture of id-Force® enables the system to be linked to common human resource systems, such as SAP ERP HCM, Paisy, etc.

Good reasons for choosing id-Force.

The advantages of id-Force® have already convinced many businesses and public authorities. Let us convince you too!

As an idea manager, you benefit from:

  • A complete package for idea management: It ranges from the software through marketing materials that motivate employees and on to suggestions for awards
  • It offers the option of integrating the structure of your own organization.
  • Process are tracked continuously and speeded up: Right from the submission of an idea through to its implementation.

Your idea submitters benefit from:

  • A visually attractive and intuitively usable user interface.
  • A complete overview of previously submitted ideas.
  • The transparent bonus procedure.

The highlights of the system are:

  • An attractive price through the use of open-source, basic components with no license fees
  • Access via a browser facilitates use irrespective of the operating-system.
  • A modular, easily amended and extended structure.


id-Force® is 100 percent web-based, and does not require installation on the client side. In principle, the application runs in any browser.
JavaScript must be activated in each browser. Cookies are not needed.

Printouts are generated in the form of PDF files. Acrobat Reader is required to display them.


  • Mozilla Firefox Version 42
  • Internet Explorer 11
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Safari Version 9
  • Google Chrome Version 45


System requirements Server

Recommended technical requirements:

  • min 40 GB Festplatte (erweiterbar, je nach Dateiupload-Volumen)
  • min 4 GB RAM
  • 2 CPUs

Operating system

Any server system can be used which can run a PHP-compatible web-server, such as Apache. If a new web server and database system is to be installed for id-Force, we recommend an operating system for which an XAMPP package is available. This includes the Apache, MySQL and PHP modules in a certified combination. IBYKUS supplies setups that have been developed and tested for the following operating systems:

  • Windows Server 2008 (R2), Windows Vista, Windows 7
  • SUSE Linux Version 10
  • Debian Linux Version 5.0

A guide for configuring the modules and a set-up for installing the application are available for installation on a Windows system or a Linux system, and integration into a server system.

Web Server

  • Apache 2.2.x or higher
  • IIS 7 or higher

Recommended PHP versions

  • 5.3.x (recommended) or higher
  • PHP 5.6
  • PHP 7.2
  • PHP 7.3

If none of these modules are available, we recommend the use of a certified XAMPP package, version 1.7.0. For questions on compatibility of other system components, please contact the id-Force ® Support.


  • MySQL 5.1 or higher
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2008 or higher
  • Oracle 11.2 or higher

Sending e-mails

id-Force sends e-mails via SMTP. You can input your company's SMTP server as a system parameter.

Discover new possibilities

If you require more than the standard package, you can add functions to id-Force® to adapt it optimally to your needs. No matter whether you need analyses, additional languages or technical expansions – with id-Force® product modules we put the tools you need in your hands. All modules are chargeable add-ons, that we can quickly supply. We invite you to have a look at the range of options available!

Language Packages

id-Force® offers a range of language packages, individually tailored to meet your requirements. The standard application is offered in German and English. On request, id-Force® can also be supplied in any other desired foreign language.


A major theme in idea management is the analysis and evaluation of ideas. There is therefore a reporting tool available for id-Force®, which is linked to the software via an interface. This enables important key figures to be determined in the shortest possible time, and visualized in clear graphic diagrams. The report module is available as a basic or advanced version.